Everybody wants better fuel economy, and most of us want more power.

Most times, you'll be told that you can't have both.

At Diesel Tune, we prove this conventional wisdom wrong every day.

"Unleash the hidden beast in your 4WD"

Just had my jeep tuned by Dieseltune. It's completely different to drive now.

A lot more torque down low right where it's more useable in every day driving .... very easy to speed now 🤣 I highly recommend this company to unleash the hidden beast in your 4wd.

"The torque increase is unreal"

Had my 1KD Prado tuned by Leeroy from Diesel Tune and couldn’t be happier!

I regularly tow a 2.2T trailer with my Prado and it pulls it with ease now. The torque increase is unreal and my fuel economy has improved also. Very professional service and a great result!

"Highly recommended for any diesel tuning"

Jon, Rhi and the guys are a real professional team. The service and help I got from these guys would be the BEST customer service I have ever received by any company.

Jon is a very skilled and knowledgeable tech, being able to quickly fault find an issue in my 200 series that Toyota would have had me spending more than what the car was worth.

They went above and beyond to ensure a big part of my month long holiday was saved. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any diesel tuning. Where I was towing and needing to go into second gear up mountain ranges I'm now accelerating in fourth gear.

The work Jon has done with changing the factory setting on the gearbox, now has me in 6th gear at just on 100kms/hr instead of around 110 and the revs have dropped from 1800rpm to just under 1500 at 100km/hr. The fuel saving is great but reduced revs meaning less engine noise is great also.

I know some companies have “testimonials” that lets say may be coaxed or fabricated. These guys are the real deal. I’m happy for anyone to contact me and I’ll recommend them in person.

Thanks again so so much to Jon, Rhi and the team.

"Hilux goes a lot harder"

Got my Hilux tuned by these guys and now it goes a lot harder than I thought it would.
Definitely know what they're doing.

"Innovators not the imitators"

Every industry needs a leader and Diesel Tune is exactly that!

Innovators not the imitators and their service is second to none!

"Torque and pulling power are so much better now"

Big thanks to Jon and Rhi, had a heavy duty clutch replaced, great work and price, threw my wallet to Rhi (and I never do this) but I had money left! Great honest people and quality work.

The job Jon did is absolutely great, the difference in the vehicle is amazing. The torque and pulling power are so much better now and pulls the trailer and Polaris ranger up hills with ease now.

I would recommend to anyone who wants quality work at a great price with honest and reliable service. They do the right thing by people and don't rip you off and stand by their work.

Keep up the great work!

"80% more torque and 40% more power"

Had my VDJ76 tuned by Jon and couldn't be happier! I had been running a chip module, but this thing now goes so much better.

80% more torque and 40% more power, and I can hardly believe that it is now 2lts per 100km less.

"True old fashioned customer service"

Many thanks to the guys at *Narangba* for dispelling all my apprehensions concerning the tune of our 76 series Landcruiser. Very appreciative of their time and professionalism.

It was a rare pleasure to still find a small business with true old fashioned customer service. Will be definitely using their services in the future.

"Sounds and feels like a twin turbo V8 should"

Dieseltune had my 200 series Landcruiser for one day and delivered amazing results - Engine tune, transmission tune and a new exhaust.

I couldn't be happier with the customer service from Rhi, and with the performance differences that Jon delivered. As I did my research for these upgrades, I quickly worked out that there are plenty of cowboys in the market... let me just say that you are in the hands of a Guru when you leave the keys with Jon at Dieseltune.

My truck sounds and feels like a twin turbo V8 should!

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